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College asians learning sex

Temple University Press, , pp. On average, individuals for whom complete data were available were half a year younger, and had slightly higher socio- economic status and self-esteem, than those with missing data. Holtzman and Rubinson found that parent-daughter communication about sexual issues, including AIDS, is associated with reduced numbers of sex partners and more protected sexual intercourse among young women in general. Wong FY et al. Parents need particular assistance in understanding the peer culture that their children encounter at school. These assertions are supported by studies of Asian American adults. In addition, the more acculturated young women become, the less importance they may place on the cultural values of their families. However, the final sample was reduced to participants female, male because of missing values. Asian American adolescent women may be dating older men.

College asians learning sex

The possible values on this scale were 1—4 alpha, 0. National Academy Press, Nevertheless, available evidence suggests that school-based substance abuse and sex education programs must be integrated. However, less acculturated young women may internalize traditional gender-specific norms, which are characterized by passivity and submissiveness during interactions with men. The study of the frequency and exact nature of sexual activities would lead to a more complete understanding of the sexual development of Asian American adolescents, provided accurate and detailed data could be collected. Since a higher level of acculturation was associated with young women's sexual intercourse, cli-nicians need to give particular attention to assessing the level of acculturation among Asian American young women. However, differences in rates of sexual intercourse according to school attachment were not statistically significant for young men. In other samples of Asian American adolescents 32 and young adults, 33 no significant gender differences were found in the prevalence of sexual intercourse. However, for the most acculturated group, U. Brooks TL et al. Occupations were coded on a scale of 1—5, ranging from blue-collar low to white-collar professionals high: From the sociocultural perspective, there are three possible explanations. This could involve changes in wording, the use of multiple questions or modifications of the survey method. It leads to a radically new understanding of one's identity as a physically developing person, and it is a major psychological milestone on the road to adulthood. In a study of Chinese American college students, a higher proportion of women than of men had experienced sexual intercourse by age A sex education intervention that used theater to present real-life scenarios tailored to the issues and culture of its Latino audience resulted in positive changes in the knowledge and intentions of the adolescents. Similar proportions of young women were Chinese and Filipina, and the highest proportion of young men were Chinese. High acculturation suggests adopting the values, language and beliefs of the new culture, while low acculturation suggests retaining the values, languages and beliefs of the original culture. Ward LM, Understanding the role of entertainment media in the sexual socialization of American youth: They observe American notions of gender roles through interactions with peers and at schools, and Eastern notions of gender roles through family and ethnic community socialization. For Asian American adolescents, there is a crucial need for preventive programs that are culturally sensitive, inclusive of family and gender-specific. Other factors that were associated with significantly increased odds of sexual experience for women were older age odds ratio, 1. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, , 38 1: Media play a prominent role in acceptance of sexual stereotypes and shaping sexual attitudes and behaviors among American youth. The scores for education and occupation were summed; for respondents reporting information on two parents, the higher score was used possible range, 2—11; alpha, 0. Padilla AM, The role of cultural awareness and ethnic loyalty in acculturation, in: Since Asian Americans are diverse, the findings for associations with acculturation and other characteristics should be investigated for each major ethnic group.

College asians learning sex

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