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40 Fascinating SEX Facts!

Craziest sex facts

Vibrators were invented for something else The vibrator was originally invented in the 19th century as a way to reduce "hysteria. The last stalk of silphium was seen during the reign of the emperor Nero. Some people consider sperm to be an antiaging treatment , as it has a tightening effect on the skin. And straight men are the primary consumers of it. Just knowing this fact will make me unable to have an erection for three days.

Craziest sex facts

France takes the cake with some of the largest penises erecting at 6. OK, since you asked, the elderly are currently experiencing the biggest spike in sexually transmitted infections among all age groups. Sometimes this sort of relationship is portrayed as simply a May-December romance, but the boys involved were very young. There have been documented cases of live sperm discovered eight days after sex. The Greeks with their explicit pottery paintings also give another valuable peep into the world of the ancient sex toy. Wikimedia If someone accuses you of being hysterical, they are accusing you of something quite specific, and very odd. How wrong you were! This today strikes us as a ludicrous idea. Low blood sugar can easily cause harm to your love life as low blood sugar makes you irritable and less likely to want your partner. And along with pointed political satire, one of the things they loved best was a good dick joke. The writer Herodas produced a mime based on a conversation between two women, one seeking to find who made the other their wonderful leather dildo. Wikimedia Speaking of Greek plays, Greek tragedies have a reputation for being bloody affairs. But the reality could be far worse. It was considered shameful for anyone capable of growing a beard to still be an Eramenos. As such, it is this area that most helps a woman reach orgasm. But at the end of a long day of hard-hitting drama, the Athenians liked to let out the tension with a laugh. The Kama Sutra has over references to different types of kisses, when to kiss and how to kiss. Alfred Kinsey was able to insert the bristle side of a toothbrush into his urethra. Ovulating women are more likely to cheat. Wikimedia The penis appeared everywhere in the ancient world. The rest of the population are unknown, but hopefully not too spread out. The most famous example of a brother-sister marriage in Egyptian mythology is that of Osiris and Isis. When Plato tells us that the philosopher Socrates enjoyed hanging around naked youths, sleeping beside them, embracing them, his audience would not have shown the least surprise. However, it can take upwards of minutes to reach climax during intercourse. When the god Osiris was killed and dismembered by his brother Set, his wife and sister Isis sought to gather up all his body parts. Wikimedia Childbirth before the invention of anesthetics and modern medicine was brutal, painful, and dangerous.

Craziest sex facts

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    And straight men are the primary consumers of it. Wikimedia Childbirth before the invention of anesthetics and modern medicine was brutal, painful, and dangerous.

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