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Disciple sex

During this time, Osho, himself reports that he was poisoned with heavy-metal Thallium. For a moment, all thoughts disappear. For example, if we have newly learnt car driving, we will be very careful every moment while driving. Yet almost all human beings fail to recognize this opportunity given by existence, by looking beyond their desires. OSHO on What's the attraction?

Disciple sex

This might be interpreted by the superficial reader as an injunction to the celibate life, and the pledging of the applicant to abstain from all physical manifestation of the sex impulse. A Greek reader would understand. People have turned their backs on this powerful life energy without trying to understand it. Osho Accept sex with deep respect. Though some place in Gujarat was found by his disciples, it did not materialize due to mounting tensions between ashram and Murarji Desai Government. Robinson's claim has been widely criticized, most notably by David W. For a moment, all thoughts disappear. Many sannyasins were initiated. The standard for attainment is not today what it was one thousand years ago, nor a thousand years hence will it be what it is today. The danger of the over-stimulation of these organs is well recognised theoretically, and I do not purpose to enlarge on it greatly today. Egos who individualised and incarnated in that vast period of time are the ones who today demonstrate homosexual tendencies. This is because of the same inherent force that existed in other life forms, to produce better beings. But at the moment, humanity has reached its turning point when spirituality will have to dominate, or else the planet may be destroyed. It need not be cultivated. Hence in , he shifted to Pune Poona. He also taught that the marriage at Cana was Jesus' own wedding. Relinquish or sacrifice the sense of responsibility for the actions of others, and particularly of disciples. Earth remained full of them for ages, but human beings were still nowhere in sight. No energy can be killed — energy can only be transformed. Whereas, it should have been said simply that the fact of conception is so wondrous that it is impossible to deal with it by ordinary measures. Nobody is playing tricks. What is an animal doing? The New Sex Therapy. This has been linked to the views of an ancient group called the Carpocratians. This will bring about a refusal to besmirch the great love or sex impulse of nature. This comes to conscious awareness through a proper understanding of sex which happens when the ego is dropped and sex is viewed respectfully. Osho died on 19 January , aged 58, reportedly of heart failure.

Disciple sex

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