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Exciting making more sex

The fantastic sex that ensues is to some extent due to the change in mood and the at least temporary relief at reconciliation with the partner, but it is also the result of arousal transfer from the fight to the sex. And when we are aware of a sexually aroused person near us, we become horny as well. Practical exercises to make sex exciting and how to go back to the good bits. Practical exercises The exercises I asked this couple to try are in our practical exercises section. To sum up, make-up sex and breakup sex can be valuable and wonderful in certain circumstances.

Exciting making more sex

Bringing back the buzz Once the honeymoon's over and you settle into the humdrum pattern of everyday life, it's easy to get bored. Their fear arousal was transferred to sexual arousal generated by the presence of an attractive woman. One couple I counseled had exactly this problem. Why, in the wake of having had a bitter fight, is everything forgotten while the couple engage in what many say is amazingly wild and enjoyable sex? Things they once liked were now boring, and they were ready to try things they would have been too shy to suggest in the early days. Furthermore, as disagreements, misunderstandings and fights are common in healthy relationships, there is no need to artificially provoke them—there is just the need to overcome them in a positive manner. Talk Dirty Another easy way to make sex feel more intense? When fights are constant and extreme, make-up sex act like like a drug that gives temporary, illusory relief but is not a deep or genuine solution. Practical exercises The exercises I asked this couple to try are in our practical exercises section. After a particular violent episode, she returned the next day to pick up her car from outside his apartment, and although he smashed her car up, she took him back. In breakup sex, the excitement stems from experiencing a togetherness that is unconstrained by past and future circumstances. Some people consider breakup sex is to be even better than makeup sex. They realized that all the things they did to each other when they made love were based on discoveries from the first year or so of their relationship. Another example of such transfer can occur when we watch certain movies: Sooner or later it becomes clear which way your shared love-making is going to go, and the knowledge that you both have a well-worn repertoire of sexual practices kills expectation and excitement. In any case, great sex is not limited to after-fights or goodbye bed experiences; it can also be part of profound love. But as Cole points out, it's not just women who can benefit from some added nipple stimulation. When someone loves us, we are more likely to love that person in return. When the fights underlying make-up sex are local and limited, they may be like small amounts of poison that immunize the system or like a low-level noise that improves the system's performance see here. As Aradia describes her breakup sex, "We'd have one last hurrah and it was a damn great one! Breakup sex can be of value in two main situations: The high arousal state associated with the fight is transferred to a high arousal state during the make-up sex. Arousal transfer The basic explanation for the excitement in make-up sex is the transfer of the arousal state from one situation to another. Repeat this process several times. Focus On The Clit With so many ways to stimulate your partner, it's important not to neglect the most sensitive, most important part. It can get better over time rather than worse, and it's easy to put the freshness back.

Exciting making more sex

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