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Human condition and sex

Sex for human beings, in addition to being biological and social, is deeply cultural and thus extremely psychological. EP says fathers help most, then relatives. It follows then that the more corrupted a man is, the less naive he is, and thus the more he is aware that women are not innocent. Eve and Adam from the left and right sides of the portal of the Cathedral of St. The problem for women, of course, is that while their image of innocence was being cultivated throughout the last 2 million years, their soul, their actual innocence, was being destroyed—women are only the image of innocence.

Human condition and sex

Men have had an impossible fight on their hands, but at least they had the advantage of intuitively understanding that battle. They tended to be soul-sympathetic, not ego-sympathetic. Women, not responsible for the fight against ignorance, and so not partaking in the battle itself, did not and could not be expected to understand what happened in the battle or the effect it had on men. You would rather adopt the female role of being an object of adoration and service than the male role of having to take on the loathsome job of championing ego over soul. Popular assumption is that differences are innate. An accompanying development to the love-indoctrination process was the selection of cooperative, selfless, loving behaviour through mate selection. For 2 million years women have stood by and supported their men, just as for some 8 million years prior to that when nurturing was developing our cooperative soul, men supported their women. And sexual relations with a partner can be a zillion times more rewarding! The effect was that we selected for the neotenous infant-like features of large eyes, dome forehead, snub nose and hairless skin throughout this early period of our development. That is, beliefs about sex differences are theories that people use to explain Evolutionary Theories Most obvious are the differences in reproductive organs and reproduction-related behavior. Further, when men crumpled women had to take over or the family, group or community involved would perish. So the image of innocence has been selected for ever since we were apes, which is a very long time. Essay 21 , created our altruistic moral instincts and a cooperative humanity, was superseded in importance by a patriarchal world. No wonder they have become so incredibly upset—and no wonder nearly all cultures conducted initiation ceremonies for young men, in which they were subjected to brutal physical pain that they had to demonstrate they could endure before they would be considered men! The fact that sex can result in offspring is a central feature of our biology, but humans have known how to wiggle around that aspect of sex for a long time… reproduction underlies the physiology of sex, but by no means is it the main influence in most human sexual activity. And we are not all alike! But wait, it gets even more complex. While this difference in parental investment is common to all mammals, Diverse family structures are used, Assistance comes from relatives and from other community members friends, neighbors, paid caregivers. What this means is that while the motivation behind the selection changed significantly, the neotenous features signifying soundness and innocence were selected for both throughout the 8 or so million years in which our cooperative, loving soul was nurtured, and throughout the last 2 million years when we became conscious and upset and sought out innocence for sexual destruction. Men and women also show clear behavior differences, and every culture has different standards for how men and women should behave gender roles. But even for the simplest of critters, sex is always more than the tradeoff of gametes. Discussion or comment on this essay is welcomed—see below. Human beings are sexual beings, and our sexuality needs expression. Understanding this makes it possible to explain homosexuality in men. Finding pleasure and connection through sexual expression is a good thing. So this is how our ape ancestor—and bonobos—developed cooperative, loving moral behaviour.

Human condition and sex

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