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The evidence supporting this claim is patchy: That figure is likely to increase, due to the country's independence and strong institutional backing of Montenegrin language. Like most Slavic languages, there are mostly three genders for nouns: While most books either present readers with tales from certain countries or cultures or with thematic entries, this encyclopedia stands alone in that it does both, making it a truly unique, one-stop resource. Writers and illustrators are included as are filmmakers and composers—and, of course, the tales themselves.

Serbian sex videos

Familiarity of Kosovo Albanians with Serbian in Kosovo varies depending on age and education, and exact numbers are not available. Traditional grammars list seven cases for nouns and adjectives: In addition, like most Slavic languages, the Shtokavian verb also has one of two aspects: They also have two numbers: Serbo-Croatian is also a second language of many Slovenians and Macedonians , especially those born during the time of Yugoslavia. Most verbs come in pairs, with the perfective verb being created out of the imperfective by adding a prefix or making a stem change. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Moreover, Croatian linguists criticized those parts of the Dictionary for being unitaristic that were written by Croatian linguists. The notion of Montenegrin as a separate standard from Serbian is relatively recent. The agreement insisted on the equal status of Cyrillic and Latin scripts, and of Ekavian and Ijekavian pronunciations. Vojvodina had five among them Slovak and Romanian, spoken by 0. Folktales and Fairy Tales: In Serbia, there are about , second-language speakers of Serbian, including Hungarians in Vojvodina and the , estimated Roma. Actually, aspects "compensate" for the relative lack of tenses, because aspect of the verb determines whether the act is completed or in progress in the referred time. Croatian is spoken by roughly 4. This article needs additional citations for verification. There are seven tenses for verbs: The old instrumental ending "ju" of the feminine consonant stems and in some cases the "a" of the genitive plural of certain other sorts of feminine nouns is fast yielding to "i": In Croatia, ,, mostly Italians and Hungarians , use it as a second language. All vowels are monophthongs. The common phrase describing this situation was that Serbo-Croatian or "Croatian or Serbian" was a single language. The oral vowels are as follows: Serbian is spoken by about 9. Yet, in practice, the variants of the conceived common literary language served as different literary variants, chiefly differing in lexical inventory and stylistic devices. The number one [jedan] is treated as an adjective.

Serbian sex videos

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    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In the census, around , Montenegrins, of the country's ,, declared Montenegrin as their native language.

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