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Sex assault in the workplace

How does sexual harassment happen? Call if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if the crime is in progress. For the England, Wales and Northern Ireland police visit www. And while it can be an isolating and traumatic experience, there are ways for you to seek help and receive support, so keep reading! Talking to a trusted coworker can also help you work through some ideas to address the harassment. Many organisations will suggest complaints can be made by writing a grievance letter to appropriate supervisors or managers, but there might be others too, including a: Making a complaint of sexual harassment Any worker who feels they have been sexually harassed, or any worker who feels they have seen sexual harassment take place, can make a complaint of sexual harassment.

Sex assault in the workplace

Each state has a sexual assault coalition with contacts to services in your area. Unions are also powerful advocates for worker rights and conditions within certain workplaces. Secondly, if you feel safe and comfortable doing so, you should tell the harasser in clear language that the behaviors or advances are unwanted and unwelcome and must stop. This person can even become an active ally in confronting the harasser with you or on your behalf, or demanding management take action to make the harassment stop. How does sexual harassment happen? In general, conversations with co-workers are not legally protected. Sexual harassment and assault occurring in the workplace is more about abusive power and discriminatory practices than about sex. Experiencing sexual harassment or assault is traumatic, but the effects of trauma can be managed, and even minimized. Be sure to ask for the changes that you want to see from the harasser. If you confided in anyone about what happened, include as much detail as you can of those conversations. For the England, Wales and Northern Ireland police visit www. One potential way to change the power dynamic within a workplace is to talk to other workers about the culture and conditions of the workplace and the behavior and conduct of bad actors, and work together to approach management and demand change. It also doesn't have to be intentionally directed at a specific person. They will connect you to a local service provider who can offer support or survivor advocacy which includes discussing legal options. This protection comes from both employment law and criminal law, depending on the circumstances involved. All complaints should be handled consistently in line with existing policies, procedures and the Discipline and grievance - Acas Code of Practice. If you are not comfortable addressing the harasser, or the behavior does not stop, report your concern to your manager, any other company manager or official, or your human resources department and file a written report to document the behavior. For general information and resources regarding sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, you can visit the following: In addition, most states have Fair Employment Practice FEP statutes, which often mirror the protections available under federal law. Familiarize yourself with federal, state, and local laws. If a complaint is reported to police, or criminal court proceedings are being pursued, an employer must still investigate the complaint as an employment matter. You have the right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment and violence. A worker should check any policies their organisation might have on sexual harassment to see who they should make their complaint to. Include the details of what happened, the date, time, place, and any witnesses present. More information can be found in the Acas guide, Discrimination: Criminal matters should be reported to the police.

Sex assault in the workplace

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