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Persuasive Speech: Abstinence-Only Education

Sex ed abstaince plus

What is the relative emphasis on abstinence versus other prevention strategies in abstinence-plus programs? Sexual intercourse is almost universally initiated during adolescence worldwide. Thirteen trials assessed the frequency of partners, and of these, four found that abstinence-plus interventions reduced the number of partners. Fifth- and seventh-graders will get abstinence-only sex education in Madison County. Abstinence-only education policies and programs: It will taught to seventh-graders. The inevitability of infidelity: At the top of the hierarchy is the promotion of sexual abstinence as the safest route to HIV prevention. On the other hand, those who favor abstinence-only strategies may criticize abstinence-plus approaches as potentially undermining the promotion of abstinence.

Sex ed abstaince plus

Like the Rankin County district, two other suburban districts have opted for abstinence-only, while three other districts have voted or are leaning toward abstinence-plus. Two recent systematic reviews of abstinence-only curricula suggest that the best implemented and evaluated programs fail to delay initiation of sexual intercourse or to produce other demonstrable reductions in HIV risk behaviors [ 9 , 10 ]. SLD declares that no competing interests exist. Trends in premarital sex in the United States, — Are there significant mediational variables e. Abstinence-only education is clearly not effective. Abstinence is the only effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Do programs conflate gender stereotypes with scientific fact e. Perspect Sex Reprod Health. Programmatic Questions About Abstinence-Plus Interventions What are the characteristics of effective abstinence-plus programs? While few would argue with abstinence as a personal choice no one should be forced to have sex , there are serious questions about whether government promotion of abstinence should be a public health goal. She said she couldn't predict how that would affect participation. Twelve trials included in the review assessed participants' self-reported frequency of unprotected vaginal sex, and six of these twelve trials found that abstinence-plus interventions had a protective effect. The content of federally funded abstinence-only education programs. For example, during the period of increasing US emphasis on abstinence, sharp declines have occurred in the percentage of teachers in US public schools who teach about birth control and the number of students who report receiving such education [ 14 , 15 ]. Accessed 8 August If the primary benefit of abstinence-plus programs is a modest delay in initiation of sexual intercourse e. In the United States, between and the median age at first sex for young women fell from 19 to 17 years, while the median age at marriage rose from 20 to 25 [ 4 ]. Declaration of John S. Migration patterns within a population affect both men and women where men who migrate are more likely to contract the infection and bring it back and infect their female partner, whose greatest risk of contracting HIV is from their husbands extramarital sexual encounters, but women are also seen contracting the disease outside of their primary relationship, focusing the ABC strategy on morality and "static individualized behavior". Overall, abstinence-plus programs did not increase HIV risks among youth in any study. Of the states that, in , required abstinence education, fourteen also included the use of contraception within the curriculum. The program develops skills for practicing abstinence and encourages participants to adopt social norms that support abstinence. Finally, promotion of abstinence as a sole option for adolescents and young adults raises serious human rights concerns, because it involves withholding health- and life-saving information from teenagers. This reduces exposure to HIV.. Accessed 5 May Along with the push for earlier sex education, there is the call for age-appropriate sex education.

Sex ed abstaince plus

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    While few would argue with abstinence as a personal choice no one should be forced to have sex , there are serious questions about whether government promotion of abstinence should be a public health goal. Sex and HIV education programs:

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    In many countries, children do not receive proper sex education, and discourage the act of sex itself [19] Responses[ edit ] The usefulness of the ABC approach is highly debated. A six-year longitudinal study of virginity pledgers found short-term delays in sexual intercourse but no impact on laboratory-verified sexually transmitted infection [ 11 ].

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    Sexuality education for children and adolescents.

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    Interim Superintendent Jayne Sargent wouldn't elaborate on the choice, only to say the schools will abide by the result of the board's June 19 vote.

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