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Sex hen house

He helps us shed the ugly sin and the baggage we've been carrying around. What makes this topic so uncomfortable and why does no one want to talk about it? The whole idea of sex becomes something to be glorified but mainly for selfish, dirty reasons. To read more about this, check out the fantastic book by Dannah Gresh: In God we find the strength to forgive, love, accept and value our spouse knowing God has done the very same thing for us. But why, even then, was the simple word "sex" so uncomfortable, so worthy of a snicker?

Sex hen house

We are imperfect women spurred on by God's perfect grace to share chatter that matters in a noisy world. God's role for sex in a marriage is for husband and wife to become one. Sure, we were all just kids being kids. While I don't expect you to start proclaiming from the building tops, "Sex is an amazing gift from God! For example, Adam lay with his wife Eve, and she became pregnant Gen 4: But why shouldn't it be? And while it should definitely be regarded with the utmost respect and privacy, discussing it with a close Christian friend, pastor, or better yet each other should be viewed in a positive way and ultimately, leads to less feelings of inadequacy or shamefulness about the topic. We need to move beyond the "Just don't do it! While there are other obvious purposes -- the blessing of children yes, I said blessing! But how does one simply bring it up in conversation? You just never know who may be dealing with a similar issue, problem, or question. But how does one simply bring it up in conversation? Have you completely opened up your life to God and to your husband? God is extremely clear in His Word that this incredible gift is only to be shared by those who have vowed their lives to each other and have become one together with Him. Yep, you read it correctly. I always felt bad for the teacher on that first day of testing when we were all required to fill out our personal information on the first page and we reached the box labeled "Sex". However, after being told for so long to "Just say no" without being taught the amazing value and blessings sex can have in a marriage, we lose our ability to discuss it openly and without shame, even when it is being enjoyed within the confines of a husband and wife relationship as God intended. Sex was never intended to be a mere carnal interaction of our bodies, but rather a deep knowing and connecting of two people. What makes this topic so uncomfortable and why does no one want to talk about it? This word occurs over 1, times in the Old Testament. Lastly, the expectations and comparisons in relation to one's personal sex life can be extremely intimidating. Why shouldn't we be so hush-hush? But why, even then, was the simple word "sex" so uncomfortable, so worthy of a snicker? Discuss your problems with your spouse -- after all, He is the key component! We are certainly not perfect but we point to the One who is - Jesus. God was not ashamed to provide us with this unique and beautiful gift and therefore, we should not be ashamed to experience it and seek help when we need it. If we approach sex, completely separate from our relationship to God, we leave out the most important person in our sex life.

Sex hen house

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