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Victoria australia sex law

A person does not freely agree to sex when: This is despite New Zealand having been party to international conventions against the exploitation of children since the s. Samoa[ edit ] The age of consent in Samoa is 16, per Section They are also required to report the names and ages of children with whom they live or have regular contact. When you are under 12 years old, no one is allowed to have sex with you. There are some things you need to consider when thinking about consent. In Victoria, criminal laws apply to non-consensual sexual penetration, which includes anything that involves putting a penis into a vagina, anus or mouth to any extent.

Victoria australia sex law

To legally have 'sex' in Australia you need to give, and be given consent. In Victoria, criminal laws apply to non-consensual sexual penetration, which includes anything that involves putting a penis into a vagina, anus or mouth to any extent. These offences apply to young people and adults. Basically, if someone feels pressured into sex by someone who has any kind of power over them, or because they're unclear about what's happening, they're not consenting. Section A of the Criminal Code provides that anyone engaging in sexual penetration with a person under 16 is liable to imprisonment for up to 25 years. Important contacts All the services below are free for young people and the numbers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some older brothels, established before June , are larger. This is a very supportive service for people between 5 and 25 years of age. Call Family Planning Victoria on 03 or visit their website at: Marriage Teenagers aged 16 or 17 can marry only if their parents or guardian agree, their partner is at least 18 and a court agrees the situation is special enough to allow the marriage — pregnancy may not be enough. They can be charged, jailed and placed on the sex offender register. This is a 24 hour counselling, support and referral service for anyone whose life has been impacted by sexual, domestic or family violence, or you can visit them at: If they physically try to have sex with you without your agreement, they may be committing a crime. If the girl consented and is aged 12 or more, it is a defence if the offender is younger than the girl, or if he is under 21 of age and "had reasonable cause to believe, and did believe" that the girl was aged 16 or older. According to the Act, "A relevant police officer who suspects on reasonable grounds that a person is committing or has just committed a relevant offence within a declared area may give the person a notice banning the person, for the period specified in the notice, from the declared area. When you are 16 years or older, another person 16 or older can have sex with you if you both agree to it. The law states you must provide evidence of STI test via attendance certificate It is not a requirement of the law to have blood test as part of this; Many doctors will write "STI and blood tests have been conducted" on certificates of attendence- and some brothels in Victoria will ask for certificates of attendance stating that STI and blood tests have been conducted - despite the fact blood tests are not mandated as legal requirement under the law. However the Pitcairn sexual assault trial of involved mostly charges of rape or sexual assault, not "underage sex" and some "gross indecency with a child under 14" charges , although it was claimed during the trial that presumably consensual "underage sex" with girls from the age of 12 was normal on Pitcairn. So even though you might have agreed to have sex with someone, that person can still be charged with sexual assault if you haven't reached the age of consent. Having sex with someone who is underage is also an offence, but there are some defences available in exceptional circumstances. It also means putting any part of an object or another part of the body, for example, finger or tongue, into the vagina or anus of another person. Another risk is unplanned pregnancy. To register you need to give your real name and address, any and all names and phone numbers you will be using in any advertising, a passport size photo of yourself and a photocopy of a true form of I. A person who had sex with a child or young person who is a member of their family has committed a serious crime, called incest and possibly also rape and sexual penetration of a child, and can be charged, jailed and placed on the sex offender register. For information about how you can protect yourself against the risks of unsafe sex, contact Family Planning Victoria or visit their website see contacts below.

Victoria australia sex law

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