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What does sex smell like

This prevents fecal matter from getting into the vagina. Internal menstrual products, including menstrual cups, can be purchased online. By controlling infections, probiotics can reduce causes of vaginal odor. Avoiding oral sex with people who have thrush in their mouth. Indeed, research suggests that this odor is partially due to pheromones that can increase sexual attractiveness and subtly communicate information about fertility. The vagina might also smell like beer, flour, or bread. Some women with BV experience other symptoms, such as itching or burning, which may feel like a yeast infection.

What does sex smell like

Try wearing internal products. Intense burning, itching, or feelings of dryness usually accompany yeast infections. Some other odors, however, warrant a call to a doctor. Healthful habits can also reduce the risk of BV. Washing the vulva with water if there is an unpleasant odor. The vagina, just like the mouth, the skin, and other areas of the body, has a unique fragrance. Clothing Clothing can trap things in or around the vagina such as: It is not recommended to use perfume to mask the smell. How sex affects vaginal odor Some women notice a strong fishy odor immediately after sexual intercourse, which is a telltale sign of bacterial vaginosis. Avoid using scented or flavored lubricants. For many women though, the smell is the only symptom. In this article, we explore some strategies that can reduce vaginal odor safely and address underlying medical causes. Limiting the number of sexual partners and practicing safer sex. Avoiding oral sex with people who have thrush in their mouth. Avoiding douches, which upset the delicate pH balance of the vagina. In some women, antibiotics kill beneficial vaginal bacteria, triggering the growth of vaginal yeast. Inserting soap into the vagina can alter vaginal pH, causing infections and a foul odor. Urinating immediately after sex. Using a gentle, fragrance-free soap on the vulva only. Prescription antibiotics can treat the problem. When something upsets the vagina's complex chemistry, harmful bacteria can grow out of control, producing a fishy odor. Washing underwear in unscented products. As yeast thrives in a moist environment. Sometimes interactions between semen and vaginal fluids can cause vaginal odor. Various fragrance free products can be purchased online. It's neither safe nor healthy to attempt to eliminate the vagina's scent.

What does sex smell like

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    Because probiotics help restore the vagina's normal pH, they also help reduce vaginal odor.

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    Fishy vaginal odor Bacterial vaginosis BV is the most common vaginal infection among women of childbearing age.

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